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Contracts supported by web3j


ERC20 tokens are supported via ERC20 contract wrapper as defined in EIP20 To fetch your token balance you can simply do:

ERC20 contract = ERC20.load(tokenAddress, web3j, txManager, gasPriceProvider);
BigInteger balance = contract.balanceOf(account).send();


Smart contract interfaces support and discovery as defined in EIP165 To check whether token contract supports particular interface:

ERC165 contract = ERC165.load(tokenAddress, web3j, txManager, gasPriceProvider);
Boolean isSupported = contract.supportsInterface(interfaceID).send();


Support for non-fungible tokens, also known as deeds as defined in EIP721. This contains the following contract wrappers:

  • ERC721 is a set of methods that NFT should support
  • ERC721Metadata optional metadata extension for NFT
  • ERC721Enumerable optional enumeration extension for NFT