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Besu Quickstart

Besu Quickstart

In order to get off the group quickly with Web3j and privacy on Besu, Besu Quickstart should be used. Besu quickstart is a collection of dockerfiles and associated configuration files which allows you to start up a local private-transaction-enabled Ethereum network. In order to get started, ensure you have Docker and Docker Compose installed on your system. Then clone the Besu Quickstart repository likeso:

git clone

In order to start an Ethereum network with privacy enabled, invoke the shell script. This should result in a number of containers being started, including 3 Besu nodes which will communicate using the ports localhost:20000-20004. It should be noted that starting the full network generally uses 12GB+ of RAM.

Once the network has been started, the output of the netstat command should indicate that ports 20000-20004 are in use.