Web3j CLI

Install the Web3j binary.

To get the latest version on Mac OS or Linux, type the following in your terminal:

curl -L https://get.web3j.io | sh

Then to create a new project, simply run:

web3j new

Or, to import an existing Solidity project into Web3j, run:

web3j import

Then to build your project run:

./gradlew build

For more information on using the Web3j CLI, head to the CLI section.

Sample project

A web3j sample project is available that demonstrates a number of core features of Ethereum with web3j, including:

  • Connecting to a node on the Ethereum network
  • Loading an Ethereum wallet file
  • Sending Ether from one address to another
  • Deploying a smart contract to the network
  • Reading a value from the deployed smart contract
  • Updating a value in the deployed smart contract
  • Viewing an event logged by the smart contract