Class LogFilter

  • public class LogFilter
    extends Filter<Log>
    Log filter handler.
    • Field Detail

      • ethFilter

        protected final EthFilter ethFilter
    • Constructor Detail

      • LogFilter

        public LogFilter​(Web3j web3j,
                         Callback<Log> callback,
                         EthFilter ethFilter)
        web3j -
        callback -
        ethFilter -
    • Method Detail

      • sendRequest

        protected EthFilter sendRequest()
        Specified by:
        sendRequest in class Filter<Log>
      • getFilterLogs

        protected java.util.Optional<Request<?,​EthLog>> getFilterLogs​(java.math.BigInteger filterId)
        Description copied from class: Filter
        Retrieves historic filters for the filter with the given id. Getting historic logs is not supported by all filters. If not the method should return an empty EthLog object
        Specified by:
        getFilterLogs in class Filter<Log>
        filterId - Id of the filter for which the historic log should be retrieved
        Historic logs, or an empty optional if the filter cannot retrieve historic logs